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About our counselling services in London
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Who we are

The E2E Counselling service was created to support people on the journey we all take through life, going over familiar and unfamiliar ground. Life sometimes needs a helping hand!

We provide an integrative approach to counselling, using person-centred, humanistic and psychodynamic therapy and more, as we believe that each individual has different needs and as such a combination of therapeutic tools should be available to support the client's needs and circumstances.

Taking the opportunity to nourish your emotional and mental well-being can positively impact on the physical and/or spiritual aspects of a person's life. With this in mind, we aim to add the services of other therapeutic professionals who using their own specific skill base, will further add to the ethos of providing harmony and balance for the client.

Our Therapists


"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for helping me overcome a very difficult phase in my life... after having been through a lot of counselling and personal development throughout my life, you were the one counsellor who helped me find my authentic self. "

"I really do think you helped me so much and I so appreciate all our sessions together. When I feel insecure I always remember your 'And!? So what!?' questions and the fact that at the end of the day, I, like most people, just don't fit in."

"I have been in therapy during different stages of my life, for about 10 years - Jenni challenged me every week and I have made changes I didn't think I could make. I am in control of my life ."

" I am less angry than before and that wasn't why I came. Jenni has helped me to feel more confident and comfortable with myself and aware of my needs and wants... I have choices."

"I almost wanted to create more issues just to keep coming - I enjoyed seeing Jenni - she really listened and didn't judge me at all!"